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Rocket : Vertical takeoff and landing launch simulation (Sim mechanics)

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Vinayak on 30 Apr 2016
Commented: Damian Prashad on 8 Nov 2019
Dear Community,
I am attempting to simulate (with Simmechanics R2015a), a rocket taking off and landing vertically on a platform.
I was able to do this earlier, but however during the landing phase, the rocket goes 'through' the ground.
I have identified the source of error: Not defining any contact force between the two bodies. When attempting to add a planar joint, I now get the following errors when running the simulation:
1) Error evaluating equation at time t = 0.0, may have reached a singularity
2) Degenerate body on the follower side.
The below zip file contains all the project files. It is very basic, just two components and a small block diagram.
I would greatly appreciate if someone is able to help me fix this problem :)
Thank you.


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Answers (1)

Mirsad Bucak
Mirsad Bucak on 23 Jan 2019
Hi Vinayak,
Sorry for very late response:). But I'm looking a rocket simulation developed in Simscape Multibody and see your example. I'm new at this topic but I modified your model simply and it can take off. But I have a litte idea about rocket dynamics and I don't know what kind of test we should apply for the rocket. I just share with you my own simple model. Hope it can help. Or ıf you have develop new models and give some idea about it, it would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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