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How to Generate Sinusoidal PWM using C28x Library

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Asim Dey
Asim Dey on 20 May 2016
Commented: Asim Dey on 31 May 2016
I am using C28x Library block of TMS320F2808 DSP board.
In DC_PWM, a Single value compare with Counter mode bit UP_DOWN or UP and we assigning CMPA_value at Counter Compare which is present inside ePWM_C28x_library_block parameters.
In Sinusoidal_PWM, Multiple values are compare with Counter mode bit UP_DOWN or UP. So problem arises that how to assigning Multiple value at Counter Compare Pane of CMPA_value, present inside the C28x_ePWM_Library_ block parameters. [ C28x ePWM library block -> Counter Compare Pane -> CMPA_value??? ]
Kindly help me How to generate Sinusoidal_PWM (or How to Compare Multiple value?).

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