How can I change page orientation in save2word for office 2016?

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Zhichao Wang
Zhichao Wang on 27 Sep 2016
Answered: Michelle Wu on 29 Sep 2016
I use save2word to export figures to a word doc. In office2010, I can change the paper orientation to landscape using "set(get(..." command. But the same commend does not work for office 2016. How to change page orientation in word 2016 in save2word?

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Michelle Wu
Michelle Wu on 29 Sep 2016
It seems that function “save2word” is a custom file submitted by a third party vendor or developer on File Exchange here .
I understand that you are trying to change the paper orientation by using “get” and “set”, but I’m not exactly sure which object and property you refer to. Are you using the following command or something else?
>> set(gcf,'PaperOrientation','landscape')
The MathWorks does not officially support the files submitted by third parties, but here are a few things you could try:
  • Contact the file owner and ask for suggestions on the Office 2016 workflow.
  • Try some similar functions available on File Exchange which are related to “save2word”. You could locate this information on the File Exchange page under the File Information section. For instance, the function “ WriteToWordFromMatlab ” is inspired by “save2word”, and you may want to check this out to see if it resolves the issue.
  • Customize the "save2word" function with the feature that you are looking for. This discussion on MATLAB Newsgroup seems related to what you are trying to achieve. Refer to the hyperlink and see if the code snippet helps you change the paper orientation.

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