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How can I find the slice thickness of a three dimensional uint8 MRI scan of the brain?

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jack schapira
jack schapira on 26 Feb 2017
Commented: Walter Roberson on 28 Feb 2017
Ahy help will be greatly appreciated. I need to find out the slice thickness in order to compute the total volume.


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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 26 Feb 2017
Check the header of the image. That information is most likely in the header.


Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 Feb 2017
Nearly all images are binary data where the first few bytes are data/information that describes the image, like how many rows and columns of pixels there are, what the number of bit per pixel is, and, if using medical images generated by CT or MRI instruments, information on the physical resolution of the pixels and slice spacing. You need to look at the dicom header and see what's there.

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