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How can i find SNR, PEAQ and ODG values by comparing two audios?

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ANJANA KRISHNAN A on 27 Mar 2017
I have two audio A and B.B is the noisy version of A.I want to know how much B is different from A. Can i do this by calculating signal to noise ratio(SNR),Objective difference grade(ODG),and Perceptual Evaluation of Audio Quality(PEAQ)?
How can i calculate them in matlab?

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Alejandra Menendez-Ortiz
Alejandra Menendez-Ortiz on 19 Apr 2017
A signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) function can be found on Matlab's Signal Processing Toolbox:
The Perceptual Evaluation of Audio Quality (PEAQ) is a standardized algorithm to objectively measure the perceived audio quality. This algorithm's output is the Objective Difference Grade (ODG). The algorithm calculates various Model Output Variables (MOV), but the final metric is the ODG.
You can see for further explanation on PEAQ and ODG.
A Matlab implementation of PEAQ was proposed by Kabal from McGill University, you can find the technical report here:
And the Matlab source code of Kabal's basic version of PEAQ can be dowloaded from here:
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