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Deep learning error Lot of files open

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Venkat R
Venkat R on 8 Aug 2017
Commented: Ronak Patel on 27 May 2020
I am training a 6 layers CNN for 3 class classification. Each image is resized to [90 70]. Total 4000 images for training. My PC is with i7, 32GB RAM. But no GPU. When I am training for more than 30 epochs, I am getting error that too many files are open. In the same session, I cannot run even one epoch. See attached snapshot. But, If I close the Matlab session and rerun, Program once again upto 30 epochs only. The RAM is also not 50% full. Why am I getting this error and how to fix it.
Thank you for help in advance.
with regards Ramana
PS: Code is as follows
%CNN for train val sets
digitDatasetPath = fullfile('E:\Database\resize\train');
trainDigitData = imageDatastore(digitDatasetPath, ...
img = readimage(trainDigitData,1);
digitDatasetPath = fullfile('E:\Database\resize\val');
testDigitData = imageDatastore(digitDatasetPath, ...
layers = [imageInputLayer([size(img,1) size(img,2) 1]);
options = trainingOptions('sgdm','MaxEpochs',30,'InitialLearnRate',0.0001,'ExecutionEnvironment','cpu');
convnet = trainNetwork(trainDigitData,layers,options);
YTest = classify(convnet,testDigitData);
TTest = testDigitData.Labels;
accuracy = sum(YTest == TTest)/numel(TTest)
disp('All over')
Ronak Patel
Ronak Patel on 27 May 2020
i tried your code so i ask one question how to decided fully connected layer

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