xlsread and fwrite: remove unwanted single quotes from strings

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I have written a code to help me write large amounts of code in Java format. My problem is that the strings I am importing from an excel file have single quotes around them, which I don't want. How can I remove them? Or can I make the file without the single quotes in the first place?
Here is my code:
[numData, textData] = xlsread('CSATData.xlsx','Countries');
ncountries = 5;
fid = fopen('datafile.csv', 'w');
for n = 2:1:ncountries+1
matcode = cell2mat(textData(n,1));
matcountry = cell2mat(textData(n,2));
stringcode = mat2str(matcode);
stringcountry = mat2str(matcountry);
fwrite(fid, '<option value="','char');
fwrite(fid, stringcode);
fwrite(fid, '">','char');
fwrite(fid, stringcountry);
fwrite(fid, '</option>', 'char');
fprintf(fid, ',\r\n');
I'm sure there are other things that need cleaning up, but all I want to know is how to remove the single quotes from the output. ie, stringcountry gives me 'United Arab Emirates', but I just want United Arab Emirates. No quotes. Please help.

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Richard el 13 de Abr. de 2012
The quotes just mean that it is a string. If you type something like stringcountry{1} it should provide the name of the country without the quotations.
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Shane Ullman
Shane Ullman el 13 de Abr. de 2012
That's great, just needed to do textData{n,1}, no need to convert to string. Thanks for your help.

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