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No signal in my Scope from S-Function-Block

Asked by Tobias Wzl on 15 Jan 2018
Latest activity Edited by Son Tran on 18 Sep 2018
Hello Everbody,
I'm currently looking for help and I hope at least someone can help me :)
My Code for my SPi-Device worked in the IDE so I inserted this code into the s-function-builder-block and after compiling it I didnt get any errors...
Edit: if you get some errors please tell me !
after all I'm still getting no signal in my scope, which I attached to my Block...
Can Someone take a look at this and help me maybe? I don't know whats wrong unfortunately or could somebody tell me how to insert my Arduino Code in the builder-block?


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1 Answer

Answer by Tobias Wzl on 17 Jan 2018
 Accepted Answer

solved it by myself !
if somebody needs help in this, feel free to contact me :)

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How do you solve it ? See nothing from the scope. Im writting S-Function Builder for read encoder, but when i deploy on hardware, The motor rotated, but see nothing from the scope.

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