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How can i trace a matlab modelling code, generated through GUI for decision tree classifer?

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DEEPAK PHCSFI17041149 on 22 May 2018
i am kind of trying to get an understanding over the decision tree algorithm of matlab. To get some clarification over the cross validation. i have a built a model using my data. And started to trace the code line by line. where i got a fatal. have provided the few lines of modelling code generated by matlab for your reference.
function [trainedClassifier, validationAccuracy] = trainClassifier(trainingData)
predictorNames = {'FIT101', 'LIT101', 'MV101', 'P101'};
predictors = inputTable(:, predictorNames);
I got the error in the predictors = inputTable(:, predictorNames); it shows error like the kind of function is not defined for cellarray, the variable predictorNames is a cell array. i dont know what other errors would occur if i clear this error and run further line by line.
But this code is what built by matlab and shows some results too, the how can it fail when i run it line by line?
How can i trace this modelling code by myself by having the data in the workspace?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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