how i can write under the x axis

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How Can I write the gamma symbol on the x axis as in the attached plot
close all;
dt = 0.0001;
tx = -10:dt:10;
th = 0.1:dt:1;
sigma = 3;
N = 5; % no of observation...
x = (1/sqrt(sigma^2 * 2*pi))^1 * exp(-1 * ((tx+4).^2)/ (2*sigma^2));
y = (1/sqrt(sigma^2 * 2*pi))^1 * exp(-1 * ((tx-4).^2)/ (2*sigma^2));
plot(tx, x)
hold on
grid on
line([-4 -4],[0 0.133],'Marker','.','LineStyle','-.','LineWidth',1, 'Color',[0 0 0])
line([4 4],[0 0.133],'Marker','.','LineStyle','-.','LineWidth',1, 'Color',[0 0 0])
legend({' $P_0(y)$','$ P_1(y)$'},'Interpreter','latex','Location','northwest')

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 May 2018
xlabel('${\gamma}1$', 'interpreter','latex')
Or in your situation, I would proceed by setting XTick values where the lines go, and then setting XTickLabels to the strings you want.
Tammun filistin
Tammun filistin on 31 May 2018
Exactly what ı wanted ...Many thanks

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