Problems trying to set iOS and get Human Activity Recognition example deployed on iPhone

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I'm following the Human Activity Recognition Simulink example in doc in a MacBook. I successfully installed the Simulink support package for iOS. However, when I run ioshwsetup, it ends with a number of errors: ioshwsetup Error using matlab.hwmgr.internal.logger.Logger/validateFilePath (line 126) File path provided could not be opened or created.
Error in matlab.hwmgr.internal.logger.Logger (line 59) absolutePath = obj.validateFilePath(filePath);
Error in matlab.hwmgr.internal.hwsetup.Workflow/configureLogger (line 269) obj.HWSetupLogger = matlab.hwmgr.internal.logger.Logger(logFileName);
Error in matlab.hwmgr.internal.hwsetup.Workflow/launch (line 206) obj.configureLogger();
When I ignore this and try to deploy the model with slexHARiOSExample anyway, probably not surprisingly I get the following error. Why does this use the csh in the first place?
>> slexHARiOSExample Standard CSHRC script not found. Not all initialzation done. Contact Systems Administration.

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