How can I match axis values with data?

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Hi, my data is between -6 and 3. So I changed the xtick in order to match my values with the given plot. But I got something I was not waiting for. Here is the figure.
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dpb on 7 Jul 2018
Mayhaps what you were looking for is xlim instead...
Need to see your code and the data to be sure what's going on exactly.

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Jan on 8 Jul 2018
If you do not specify the X-values of the data, Matlab assume, that they are 1:length(data). Example:
data = rand(1, 10);
If your data goes from -6 to 3, use this as X-values:
x = -6:3;
plot(x, data)
Oscar Espinosa
Oscar Espinosa on 8 Jul 2018
I could solve it, thank by the comment, help me to think!

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