is it possible to change step size of "ode45" ?

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ADNAN KIRAL on 22 Nov 2018
Commented: Jan on 22 Nov 2018
I was wondering can I change step size of "ode45"? If I am not wrong, the default step size taken by Matlab is 1. I want to make 1/2. how can I change without changing many things in Matlab code. If I assign an "option", is that enough? any other options?
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Jan on 22 Nov 2018
No, the default step size of ODE45 is not 1. There is not even a default step size. See Torsten's answer: The step size is controlled such, that the provided tolerances are kept.
With using a vector as tspan, you can define the steps in the output, but this is not the internally used step size.

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Torsten on 22 Nov 2018
Edited: Torsten on 22 Nov 2018
The stepsize of ode45 is not constant, but chosen such that the error tolerances you prescribe are met. Thus mean step size can only be controlled indirectly by strengthening (-> smaller stepsize) or weakening (-> larger stepsize) the error tolerances RelTol and AbsTol.
Or do you mean changing the time instants when MATLAB supplies the solution ?

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