Run a Simulink Simulation based on Input Data files

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I am currently trying to run a Simulation based on data that i have already collected (it is in Array format)
I am pretty sure I can make it work if i find a way to increment a value in Simulink and use it to call my array in the Rigid Transform Block. Although nothing has really seemed to work yet. I really hope someone can guide me through this or can suggest a simpler way to run a simulation with input data already available
Input data is:
x, y, z, roll, yaw and pitch
Expected result:
To move a body in Simulink (or anything else) with the data avilable to me.
My current approach involves substituting values in the rigid transform block from the dataset. (It isnt working)
Any other type of approach is also welcome.
Thank You.

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 28 Jan 2019


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