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How to make Thresh_tool fucntion?

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Khac Dat Nguyen
Khac Dat Nguyen on 9 May 2019
Hello everyones,
I have some code below:
%% Partition brain mass
%separate the brain mass into 2categories
level = thresh_tool(uint16(mriAdjust(:,:,20)),'gray');
mriBrainPatition(mriAdjust<level & mriAdjust>0)=2;
imshow(mriBrainPartition(:,:,20),[0 0 0;0 0 0;.25 .25 1;1 1 1]);
my code errored: Error using thresh_tool (line 67)
X must be same length as Y.
Please tranning for me how to make thresh_tool and fix code for me?
Thank you very much!

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