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Solve system differential equation

Asked by Phil-Jacques Alphonse on 16 Jul 2019
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on 16 Jul 2019
Hello Everybody,
I am a new in matlab, I want a matlab cody to solve this system differential equation (not with simulink).
Unknown: Ts,Ttp,Ttm and the remaining parameters are known.
dTs =(Q/Vs)*(Ttp-Ts)+ (Q/Vs)*(Ttm-Ts)+ (UA/rho*Cp*Vs)*(Tair-Ts)+ (I^2*R/rho*Cp*Vs)
dTtp =(Q/Vt)*(Ts-Ttp)+ (UA/rho*Cp*Vt)*(Tair-Ttp)
dTtm =(Q/Vt)*(Ts-Ttm)+ (UA/rho*Cp*Vt)*(Tair-Ttm)

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on 16 Jul 2019
Use ode45.

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