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Why can't I extract all bounded characters ?

Asked by Su Hlaing on 30 Jul 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Su Hlaing on 30 Jul 2019
Hello Sirs,
I am currently doing thesis on license plate recognition of Myanmar Number Plates. But I have encountered some error with it. I have to read two lines of characters from the plate but in my result, only one line appears. I used bounding box analysis for character segmentation and all characters on the number plate have been bounded. However, when extracting the bounded characters one by one , the characters on the upperline do not appear. So, how can I do for extraction of all characters. The screenshots and m file including bounding box analysis are attached below. One more thing to ask is that how can I improve the result of OCR using template matching since I have got some incorrect characters in recognition.Thank in advance.


Iprops whos?
Also change the test image, is it same?
Yes, It is the same on all test images. I have tested nearly 100 plates. I tried to correct the code but characters on the upper line can't extract yet ! Can you please help me sir ? Thank you Sir ! @KALYAN ACHARJYA

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