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How can I use the command to realize the selection of coverage filter?

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chenchen wang
chenchen wang on 9 Dec 2019
Commented: chenchen wang on 16 Dec 2019
hi guys,
I want to use the command to realize the selection of coverage filtering(shown in the screenshot below,for Stateflow event, state ect.)
Does anyone know what command to use?:)thx

Accepted Answer

galaxy on 9 Dec 2019
You can create new rule which exclude this block.
modelName = 'Frame_Test_Sc';
% Select blocks with block type 'RelationalOperator' to add a filter rule for.
bl = slcoverage.BlockSelector(slcoverage.BlockSelectorType.BlockType,'RelationalOperator');
filt = slcoverage.Filter;
rule = slcoverage.FilterRule(bl,'Tested elsewhere',slcoverage.FilterMode.Exclude);
csim = cvsim(modelName);
csim.filter = 'blfilter';
When you want to exclude specified block, you can do as:
id = Simulink.ID.getSID('Frame_Test_Sc/Test_env/Controller/controller_chart');
bl = slcoverage.BlockSelector(slcoverage.BlockSelectorType.BlockInstance,id);

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