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Simulink code generation for TI F28335

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mehrdad mirzaei
mehrdad mirzaei on 22 Dec 2019
Hey dears
I am going to generate code from a discrete simulink model but there is no same sample time in generated code in comparison with simulink simulation. I mean when I am running code on my hardware it appeared that it is running with a different sample time rahter than what i set in in simulink model.
So I just wanted to know if there is someone who faced this problem and fixed it before, to help me out on this issue.
looking forward to hearing your instructive answers.
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Venkatesh Chilapur
Venkatesh Chilapur on 30 Dec 2019
Could you try toggling a discrete output and see if the toggle rate is inline with the sample rate in which the GPIO block is placed. This is easy and effective way to verify the working of sample time.
Venkatesh C

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