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Split the data into group then graph them

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I have a big matrix as
[ENPV, SD, R];
I would like to split R into 3 groups based on criteria as
Group 1 when R is between [0 10]
Group 2 when R is between [11 20]
Group 3 when R is between [21 30]
Then, I want to draw them.
I tried something as below but did not work
[counting,group] = hist(R,3);
G = findgroups(R,group)
gscatter(SD, ENPV, G)
Anyway to help wtih this please.


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Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 10 Feb 2020
If you have R2015a or later, the discretize funciton may do what you want:
group = discretize(R, [0 10 20 30]);


Yaser Khojah
Yaser Khojah on 10 Feb 2020
Thank you so much anywya, I can change the maker size in the gscatter?
Star Strider
Star Strider on 10 Feb 2020
As always, my pleasure!
See the siz section in gscatter documentation.

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