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Assigning Input String To Meet Criteria

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So to summarize briefly what i'm doing. I'm making a scripted game for matlab if you know what DnD is, the format would be very similar to that. The purpose for creating the game would be for my own leizure and allowing myself to practice matlab. I'm currently trying to create an istance were the player can choose it's gender but for reasons unknown to me the instancecant select the girl path. So i'm wondering if someone could point out what im doing wrong.


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Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 15 Feb 2020
The logical equality does not work with character arrays.
Use strcmp or (strcmpi) instead:
gender = 'boy';
TestLogic = strcmpi(gender, 'boy')
TestLogic =
Good luck with your DnD game!


Jose Villamil
Jose Villamil on 15 Feb 2020
Thanks so much it worked like a charm!

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