If i select a variable name... How to find the corresponding value?

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As you can see i have an input File which contains some data. (Input File = .subvar format)
! Wage;
subvargroup.begin ($G_Wk3)
subvar( $_Wk3_l_m, str = ' 15601 ' ) ! [kg] l
subvar( $_Wk3_l_CoG_x, str = ' 0.019 ' )
subvar( $_Wk3_l_Ixx, str = ' $G_Wk3.$_Wk3_l_m * 2.2 ' )
subvar( $_Wk3_l_CoG_y, str = '-0.007 ' )
subvar( $_Wk3_l_CoG_z, str = ' 1.644 ' )
subvargroup.end ($G_Wk3)
1 Question:
So i want to know the value of
The value is:
But how can i search for it? How to get the right row and column of
2 Question:
I want to have the value of $_Wk3_l_Ixx but the get the right value i have to do a short calculation. To get the result i have to read out the value of $_Wk3_l_m and multipicate it with 2.2 then i have my result!
subvar( $_Wk3_l_Ixx, str = ' $G_Wk3.$_Wk3_l_m * 2.2 ' )
Thank you in advance. Stay at home and take care. Nice regards from Europe.

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