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How to write a script to analyse data files

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Hi I have a major issue,
I try to write a script wich just needs the name of a file in a specific Directory (in my case xxx.neu files from a GPS System) and just shows me a graph.
In general I do this in command Window:
load ana1CleanUnf.neu
plot (ana1CleanUnf)
This is very easy. My first intention to write a script to automate this was:
function x = getGPSstats('*.neu')
x = load '*.neu'
x = plot ('*.neu')
but this gives my an error:
Error: File: getGPSstats.m Line: 1 Column: 26
Invalid expression. Check for missing multiplication operator, missing or unbalanced delimiters, or other syntax error. To construct matrices, use brackets
instead of parentheses.
Well I really don't know how to fix this, I try so long but really don't get it.

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Niklas Reinshagen
Niklas Reinshagen on 16 Jun 2020
I forgot to mention, that I got about 10 .neu Files. And want to save the script in the folder, so I can just plot them with one line of code.

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Rik on 16 Jun 2020
You can use dir to retrieve all the file names. And since you don't actually use the input of your function, I don't see why you would keep that.
I would also suggest writing a bit more robust code to load your data. This way the data magically appears in your workspace and it is difficult to track where each variable is coming from.


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Niklas Reinshagen
Niklas Reinshagen on 16 Jun 2020
Man, you're great! Props to you! Thank you very much! Sometimes it's just a little bit of missunderstanding wich leads into total confusion. Not the script givs me the directly the Plot - that's great! But unfortunatly it also list up all the 4000 lines of the .neu file... even though I used the semicolon at the end of the lines. Do you know why?
Hope I don't look to stupid.
Rik on 17 Jun 2020
function x = getGPSstats(name)
% The first command is to navigate
% to the directory with the files
cd ~/Desktop/UNI/Matlab/Ex4_Data
%now load the requested file 'name.neu'
x = load (name);
% and finally plot it
plot (x)
Even like that?
Niklas Reinshagen
Niklas Reinshagen on 18 Jun 2020
Thank you! It was the semikolon ath the End of the function to call it, now everything works fine!

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