How to configure the FMCOMMS5 Transmitter & Receiver block to transmit data through a specific channel?

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Hi, I'm running the model "HW/SW Co-Design QPSK Transmit and Receive Using Analog Devices AD9361/AD9364". The default channel used in FMCOMMS5 block is channel 1 (TX1A_A & RX1A_A), and it works fine with the default value. Now I try to transmit and receive data through channel 2 (TX2A_A & RX2A_A), so I change the parameter "Channel Mapping" in FMCOMMS5 Transmitter & Receiver block into "2", as indicated in the following instruction:
However, in this case, I cannot receive anything in the diagnostic viewer. What's wrong with the configuration? Is there anything else I need to configure?

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Lakshmi Bugide
Lakshmi Bugide on 15 Oct 2020
By default, the model "HW/SW Co-Design QPSK Transmit and Receive Using Analog Devices AD9361/AD9364" is designed to work with Channel1 of the device. If you want to transmit and recieve with channel 2 , you need to map the Hardware generation Model (HDL_QPSK) interfaces to Channel2 Target Platform interfaces instead of Channel1 interfaces. You have to change the interfaces at Step 1.3 Set target Interface of IP Core Generation Workflow/;jsessionid=b5a8b838ef5b95014eff2f7ae46c#d122e9019.
Arash Jafari
Arash Jafari on 28 Jun 2022
Hello Liu,
Please check the UART console of the carrier board during boot up, if the RX digital tune failed!
Kind Regards

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