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The Simulink block "Get ROS Parameter" slow down ros node

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Balint Varga
Balint Varga on 4 Dec 2020
using the Simulink block Get Parameter (In the ROS1 toolbox) causes some issues: If I generate a standalone ros node, the generated node runs slower than the same node as a python script. If I remove the Get Parameter block with e.g. a constant block, it works. I use 2020b on a Windows 10 computer and the roscore (meldoic) runs on a remote ubuntu 18.04. I also tried to increase the sampling time to 1,5,20 secs, but it did not help.
Does somebody else have a similar issue?
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Jagadeesh Konakalla
Jagadeesh Konakalla on 26 May 2021
Hi Balint,
It would be good if you can provide some more details to address your issue.
Can you share the model that you are using ?
When you say it runs slower, how slow it is ? How are you measuing frequency ?
Jagadeesh K.

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