Legend: is it possible to remove the border while leaving the background color?

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Dear MatLab users,
I would like to generalize my plot legends visualization, but the legend border and background seem to interact together (see example below). In this case, the boxoff command prevails over the background color, as it disables both. Is it possible to remove ONLY the legend border while leaving the background color?
A = rand(5,1) ;
on_off = 'off' ;
legendcolor = 'r' ;
plot(A) ;
leg = legend('My text') ;
set( leg , 'fontsize' , 20 , 'location' , 'east', 'color' , legendcolor , 'box' , on_off )
grid on

Accepted Answer

Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 9 Dec 2020
set( leg , 'fontsize' , 20 , 'location' , 'east', 'color' , 'g' , 'box' , 'on','edgecolor','g' )

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