Communicate Signals Between Two Simulations on the Same Computer?

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I have a simulation model that uses many different refernce models and external data dictionaries, with local variables passed to the various models using busses. I want to duplicate this model and run it simultaneously because I have a use case where we will have two of these systems running side by side in the real world, communicating with each other through a modbus link.
I've seen information on OPC and UDP/TCP/IP blocks, but I can only find information about running them on a separate computer. I would like to run both of these simulations in separate matlab instances on a single computer. Does anyone have any experience with running two simulations simultaneously on the same host, communicating through one of these blocks? (most likely will be looking at OPC)

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 25 Dec 2020
The UDP/TCP blocks can be used to share data between two different Simulink models running in different MATLAB instances on the same computer.
Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 29 Dec 2020
Hi Joseph,
I have not used the OPC toolbox, but a quick look at the help documenation leads me to believe that these blocks will also support your use case as long as you configure both models/MATLAB instances to connect to the same OPC server.

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