C2000 CAN block error

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Xuejie Wu
Xuejie Wu on 2 Feb 2021
CAN Transmit error.
Board type: F28388D
Emulator XDS100V3
  1. Simulink model description
  2. Model execute period :10ms
3、CAN configuration
4、Build model and open ccs project
The project Can’t work. I can’t see any CAN message from the CAN debug software.
And I want to see CAN register’s value when ccs step into debug mode. Issue occur to me. I can’t see the CAN register’s and Expression’s value like that.
Later ,I find f2838x_cpu1.gel is incorrect , the CANA registers address should map the page 3(peripheral memory),so I
modify the file
GEL_MapAddStr(0x00048000,1, 0x800, "R|W|AS4",0);
GEL_MapAddStr(0x0004A000,1, 0x800, "R|W|AS4",0);
GEL_MapAddStr(0x00048000,3, 0x800, "R|W|AS4",0);
GEL_MapAddStr(0x0004A000,3, 0x800, "R|W|AS4",0);
5、Project can’t work as well
After modified the f2838x_cpu1.gelI can see the register’s value ,and data register’’value on the Register page is right . but CAN_ES(error register) is wrong. It’s Bus off bit is 1. On the Expression page, I find value of CAN Data register is not equal to that on Register page.
6、Finally I write CAN transmit module in another project accord to TI example demo.
It can work normally.so it proved the hardware is right.
So can you give me some suggestion about the issue.

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