F28388D Inter-Processor Communication Using IPC Blocks

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ccs version: v10.1.1
C2000Ware version:3_03_00_00.
kit board: f28388d control card REV.B.
MATLAB version:2020B.
I build MATLAB demo'CPU2 model' mentioned in help document(https://www.mathworks.com/help/supportpkg/texasinstrumentsc2000/examples/inter-processor-communication-using-ipc-blocks.html) .
I want deploy application to CPU2 for Inter-Processor Communication. but during build process,an error occurred as follow.
"C:/ti/c2000/C2000Ware_3_03_00_00/device_support/f2838x/common/source/f2838x_emif.c", line 105: error: identifier "Emif2Regs" is undefined "C:/ti/c2000/C2000Ware_3_03_00_00/device_support/f2838x/common/source/f2838x_emif.c", line 162: error: identifier "Emif2Regs" is undefined'
when I open the CCS project build form CPU2 model ,find that the function includes the argument (Emif2Regs) is unused.
it seems that the CCS compiler can't Optimize unused functions

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