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How to stop MATLAB from opening every time I switch on my computer?

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Cynthia Lee
Cynthia Lee on 11 Apr 2021 at 13:52
Commented: Jeff Dozier on 26 Apr 2021 at 1:11
I am using MAC and every time I switch on my laptop and log in, MATLAB software automatically opens up and starts running. It’s really annoying and I do not know how to stop it. Please advise.
Jeff Dozier
Jeff Dozier on 26 Apr 2021 at 1:11
I do not like this machine at all / I wish that I could sell it / It never does what I want / But only what I tell it

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Answers (2)

Jan on 11 Apr 2021 at 14:04
Edited: Jan on 11 Apr 2021 at 14:06
This is not a problem of Matlab, but a feature of the operating system. So this question is actually off-topic.
Open the control panels -> "User and Groups". Choose the correct user on the left side. Select "Login objects" (or similar name - "Anmeldeobjekte" in German). Using the + and - signs you can enable/disable auto starts.
You can include a program to the auto-start directly from the dock also.
Or is Matlab started, because it is open when you shut down the computer and you have selected "Open windows at next login in" in the shut down dialog?

John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 11 Apr 2021 at 14:21
This is not MATLAB that is your problem, but your MAC, and what you apparently told it to do. :)
You have MATLAB set as a startup item. To control that, you need to turn that feature off.
Go into the prefereences for your MAC. Click on users and groups. You will see a tab for login items, MATLAB should be one of them.



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