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How to delete every "n thru m" rows?

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Nicole Ralbovsky
Nicole Ralbovsky on 22 Apr 2021
Edited: David Hill on 22 Apr 2021
I have a matrix which contians 27, 260 rows and one column. I need to delete every 151-181 rows of the data set. Is there a code with which I can do this? Essentially, instead of wanting to delete every "n" rows, I want to delete every "n thru m" rows. Thanks.

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David Hill
David Hill on 22 Apr 2021
I might not understand your question fully. What is the size of your matrix? (260x1)
yourMatrix(151:181,:)=[];%deletes rows in matrix
David Hill
David Hill on 22 Apr 2021
Just add nan to end of matrix so you can reshape, and remove nan at end of operation.

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