Label circles from imfindcircles

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ecartman22 on 4 May 2021
Answered: KSSV on 4 May 2021
I have an image which I use to find circles using imfindcircles. This works fine however I need the index of the centers to be sorted from the bottom left to top right, column wise in the image. The grid is not uniform so I can't just sort the Y coordinates of centers matrix. How should I go about doing this? Thank you in advance.
ecartman22 on 4 May 2021
The image and the centers are attached. I just use
[centers, radii, metric] = imfindcircles(I,[5 20],'Sensitivity', 0.95);
to find the circles

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Answers (1)

KSSV on 4 May 2021
load centers.mat ;
x = centers(:,1) ;
y = centers(:,2) ;
[x1,ii]= sort(x);
y1 = y(ii);
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