Why the polar contour plot are reversly showed?

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I'm wondering why the ploar contour plot are reversly showed.
According to the data, Carbon.mat
The values are monotonically decreased, but contour figure showes reversely.
It seems quite strange, I have no idea about it.. I flipped the matrix but it doesn't work.
The graph is the result of running below codes, as you see in the figure value between core and surface are flipped..!
x = linspace( 0, 49 , 50 ) ;
theta = ( 0 : 0.5 : 90 ) * (pi/180) ;
[ th, r ] = meshgrid (theta, Carbon) ;
surf ( r.*cos(th), r.*sin(th), repmat(Carbon(:), 1, size(th,2)), 'linestyle', 'none' ) ;
view(2) ; grid off ; colorbar ;
Anyone could help me?
Thanks you in advances :D

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 20 May 2021
[ th, r ] = meshgrid (theta, Carbon) ;
Should be meshing theta and x.
Consider using pol2cart()

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