Having trouble with looping through fields in a struct

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So I want to loop through a folder containing several .txt files. So, i start by choosing the folder where I want to work in and collect my files, here all files are formed as 21x2 double. Then I am trying to retrive data from the fields into seperate variabels, since when I collected them it was saved as a 8x1 struct, hence 8 fields(8 files of the size 21x2 double). And I want to end up with 2 variables of the form 21x1 double.
% Evaluation of mean bias for group
disp('Choose directory to work in');
path = uigetdir('');
list = dir(fullfile(path,'*.txt'));
data.t = zeros(length(list));
data.p = zeros(length(list));
for i = 1:length(list)
[data.t{i}, data.p{i}] = textread(list(i).name);
But, instead I get this error message
Unable to perform assignment because the left and right sides have a different number of elements.
Error in mean_bias (line 15)
[data.t(i), data.p(i)] =textread(list(i).name);
I am not sure of how to solve this, because when I earlier today wrote anoter pice of code in a similair way it worked without problem. only difference here is that in every file the first column is the same for every file I loop over and that is why I choose not to save those values in every iteration.
disp('Open BSIF input file');
[file path]=uigetfile([files.path '*.txt; *.crv; *.inp'],'Open input function file','MultiSelect','off');
files.inp=[path file];
list = dir(fullfile(path,'*.txt'));
for i = 1:length(list)-1
[t_tac, IDIF{i}] = textread(list(i+1).name);
a = IDIF{i}';
hold on
Anyone that could have an idea of how to solve this?
Amanda Eriksson
Amanda Eriksson on 2 Jun 2021
Oh thank you! I had tried so many types of way to save to new variables that I must have forgett to chaneg back to what I originally had!
It is now working, and I also removed the matrox definition, but I thought I already had tried that and it didn't work.. weird. But it works now! Thanks again :)

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Accepted Answer

Joseph Cheng
Joseph Cheng on 2 Jun 2021
Edited: Joseph Cheng on 2 Jun 2021
primarily its because of the
data.t = zeros(length(list));
data.p = zeros(length(list));
where you've set the t and p to be a matrix. but then when you are in the for loop you're trying to stuff the items into a existing matrix array index but trying to access it as a cell with probably a string. in your previous code you didn't pre-define what t and p were in the struct so matlab was able to correctly assign what it was.
Joseph Cheng
Joseph Cheng on 3 Jun 2021
It's generally a good idea. There is a way to preallocate for cells too but I forget. Mat2cell comes mind but unless you're dealing huge arrays or doing it many many times the overall efficiency isn't worth just ignoring the warning.

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