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Issue importing a sequence of numbered files with fopen

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Matthew Rogers
Matthew Rogers on 16 Jun 2021
Commented: Matthew Rogers on 16 Jun 2021
I'm trying to import a sequence of numbered csv files with headers (Test_1.csv, Test_2.csv etc.) using fopen and concatenate them vertically, writing them to a single file with only the headers from the first file (since they are all the same). However I keep getting the error "Error using fread, invalid file identifier. Use fopen to generate a valid file identifier". I know that means that fopen has likely failed to open the file, but I cannot see what the problem is. The script is heavily based on another I found which originally opened a dialog box using uigetfile to browse for input files, but I just want it to read numbered files in sequence. Please help!
%Number of rows of headers in each file
NumHeaders = 1;
%path name
pname = 'C:\Users\mbgnrmr4\Dropbox (Research Group)\Coding stuff\MATLAB\Miscellaneous function tests\';
% Create output file name in the same folder.
outputFileName = fullfile(pname, 'finalCSVnew.csv')
fidOutput = fopen(outputFileName, 'wt');% open output file to write
V = 1:3 %File numbers that need to be imported
N = numel(V)
fidInput = cell(1,N)
filenames = cell(1,N)
for k = 1 : N
% Input file name.
filenames{k} = sprintf('Test_%01d.cpr', V(k))
thisFileName = fullfile(pname, filenames{k})
% Open input file:
fidInput{k} = fopen(thisFileName, 'rt');
%skip headers except for first file
if k ~= 1
for L = 1 : NumHeaders; fgetl(fidInput{k}); end
% Read text from it
thisText = fread(fidInput{k}, '*char');
% Copy to output file:
fwrite(fidOutput, thisText);
fclose(fidInput{k}); % close the input file
fido=fclose(fidOutput); clear fid*
% Open Windows Explorer to this folder
Matthew Rogers
Matthew Rogers on 16 Jun 2021
It did not exist! I used the wrong file extension, I put .cpr instead of .csv! Thanks!

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