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Issue connecting Tektronix AWG5208 to Matlab

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Matthew Panipinto
Matthew Panipinto on 16 Jun 2021
Hello! I'm trying to connect a Tektronx AWG5208 to Matlab 2019a as well as 2021a using the test and measurement tool. The tool registers the AWG and has a RsrcName value that I verified in a third-party program, but I can't communicate with the AWG. The first time I got this error, I went to Tektronix and downloaded their latest driver. However, I'm still receiving it. Below is my code:
>> vendor = 'tek';
>> rsc = 'TCPIP0::';
>> awg = visa(vendor, rsc);
Error using visa (line 444)
Unable to create VISA object. The required drivers may not be installed properly.
Type 'instrhelp visa' for more information.
Any thoughts on how I can get this AWG up and running?

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