How do I make a smaller table by filtering a larger one?

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I'm making an application that allows you to read a table from a tab delimited text file, select a row from that table, and the app displays a graph based on some data taken from that text file.
The FiberCheckTable is uploaded in a different section of the code, and the serial number (SN) is stored in column 2. The program should then show a stacked plot of the data that is stored in columns 13-16 for that specific SN. What am I doing wrong??
Here's what I have so far:
function FiberSelect(app, event)
% automatically selects serial number (SN) based on cell selected in table
indices = event.Indices;
app.SN = app.FiberCheckTable.Data{indices(1),2};
function EvaluateCalibration(app, event)
% graph wavelength of xyz sensors in process
app.Wavelength = app.FiberCheckTable;
app.Wavelength = app.Wavelength(app.Wavelength(:,2)==app.SN,:);
app.Wavelength = sortrows(app.Wavelength,'SerialNumber','ascend');
app.WavelengthAxes = stackedplot(app.Wavelength(:,13:16));

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 20 Jul 2021
You might need braces instead of parentheses to get the CONTENTS of the table:
% Determine which rows to extract from the table.
rowsToExtract = app.Wavelength{:,2} == app.SN; % Should be a logical vector (1/0, true/false).
% Extract only those particular rows.
app.Wavelength = app.Wavelength(rowsToExtract, :);
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 21 Jul 2021
There is a UI control -- a table or uitable -- that is like a widget you place on the form. That is a different beast than a variable type called a table in MATLAB. So the widget is like a listbox or button or any other widget, while a table variable is like a double, structure, cell array, etc. type of variable. So I guess you were getting confused between the table control and the table variable -- they're different things.

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