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How do I ensure the loop is executed for the duration of the counts i.e. 10 inside the loop?

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Abdul Karim
Abdul Karim on 26 Jul 2021
hi, i am having issues assigning variables inside the for loop for this simple filter. i want the filter loop to execute each equations inside the body over the duration of the loop (ie 10 counts for this filter)?
Thanks for your help!
% below is my code
a = 0.493;
b = 0.739;
g = 0.00234;
xi = 5;
vi = 1.5;
vok = 2;
gi = 1.3;
range = [r_raw]; % assume r_raw is [1 10] vector
for k = 1:1:length(r_raw)
xpk = xi + vi*dt + 0.5*(dt^2*gi);
vpk = vi + dt*gi;
apk = gi;
xsk = xpk + a*(range-xpk);
vsk = vpk + b*(vok-vpk);
ask = apk + g*(range-xpk)/dt^2;
xpred(k) = xsk;
% vpred(k) = vsk;
% apred(k)= ask;
figure; plot(xsk);
i get the following message:
Unable to perform assignment because the indices on the left side are not compatible with the size of the right side.

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 26 Jul 2021
There is an err in your code:
xpred(k,:) = xsk; % Corrected line
abdul karim
abdul karim on 27 Jul 2021
How can I ensure the entire statements are repeated over the duration of the iterations within the body ie in this example 10 times? To be clear each I want the each statement (equation) to perform iterations over the entire duration, so k=1:1:length(r_raw) = 10? In hindsight, as more iterations are performed, the values should converge to the true value. Assume r_raw is an array of size (1,10) containing vectors.
I understand it may be simple but I can't think of what the issue is therefore help is really appreciated. Thanks again for your help.
I included the code again.
a = 0.493; b = 0.739; dt=0.001; t=(1:fr)*dt; xi = 0; vi = 1.5; vok = 2; range = [r_raw]; for k = 1:1:length(range ) xpk(k,:) = xi + vi*dt ; vpk(k,:) = vi; xsk(k,:) = xpk + a*(range-xpk); vsk(k,:) = vpk + b*(vok-vpk); xpk(:,k) = xi + vi*dt; vpk(:,k) = vi + dt*gi; xsk(:,k) = xpk + a*(range-xpk); vsk(:,k) = vpk + b*(vok-vpk); xpk(:,k)= xi + vi*dt; vpk (:,k)= vi + dt*gi xsk (:,k)= xpk + a*(range-xpk); vsk (:,k) = vpk + b*(vok-vpk); xpred(:,k) = xsk; end figure; plot(xsk);

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 27 Jul 2021
In your code, there are a few crucial errs, i.e.:
(1) no need to introduce a new variable range that creates conflict with matlab's built in fcn range().
(2) why to use the same variable with different index orders: xpk(k,:) vs. xpk(:,k), xsk(k,:) vs. xsk(:,k), etc.
(3) range-xpk does not work because range has 10 elements and xpk has different number of elements. To avoid this problem, you should use: xpk=xi + vi*dt; xsk=r_raw(k)-xpk;
(4) If you want to get xpred only, there is no need to have indexes for other variables.
(5) fr and gi are not specified.



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