How can I separate objects in a Binary Image?

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Elijah Holland
Elijah Holland on 30 Jul 2021
Commented: Matt J on 2 Aug 2021
I am having trouble separating objects in this binary image. I am coding an algorithm to match deflections in a hexagonal grid. I am having diffculties separating all objects in the image through watershedding. Here is an example image. Most of the objects (pillars) are fine, but some critical ones come into such close contact with each other that they do not separate well at all and form these ellipitical objects (there are three in this image). I have tried isolating these objects using regionprops() but I have been having troube bisecting them.
Any ideas on how to separate these objects? I am hoping to automate this as it is a single frame in a movie. Any help is appreciated!
Elijah Holland
Elijah Holland on 2 Aug 2021
  1. Yes you can get more than two of the objects to touch.
  2. No, the deflections can alter where the objects touch.
  3. Yes, they are of similar sizes in area.

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Answers (1)

Matt J
Matt J on 31 Jul 2021
What if you use regionprops to find the minor axis of the ellipse-shaped blobs and split them along that axis?
Matt J
Matt J on 2 Aug 2021
To find the distance from a point (x,y) to a line, this is the equation that you need.
distance = abs( sin(theta)*(x-x0)+cos(theta)*(y-y0) )
It works for any theta.

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