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Sphere to Plane Contact Force : problem with an impact

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I'm modelling a ball ,rolling on a plane, that hurts a wall . I modelled the contact between sphere and the wall with the block Sphere to Plane Contact Force , but i have a problem : the wall doesnt stop the ball, it passes through it and then it's thrown away because of some force .. do u know how can i find block parameters( such as Stiffness and Damping ) that would allow the wall to block the ball ? thanks

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 1 Aug 2021
You should use in this case "ODE event location" opts while building your model.
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Alessandro Loiacono
Alessandro Loiacono on 2 Aug 2021
Thanks for the answer , now i'm building up a parameter that indicates the distance between the ball and the wall' s frames( with a transform sensor and a ps-simulink converter, storing the variable to the workspace using also the simout block)so i can control it when it comes to 0 (no distance between wall and ball ---> collision). With a Ode as you suggest i hope to achieve it

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