Problem 1855. Usage of java.math : N Choose K with unlimited precision

Solution 681136

Submitted on 5 Jun 2015 by Gergely Patay
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
%% tic N=5;K=2; NK=nchoosekJava(N,K); toc assert(strcmp(NK,num2str(nchoosek(N,K))))

ans = 10 Elapsed time is 0.016351 seconds.

2   Pass
%% tic N=randi(10); K=randi(N); NK=nchoosekJava(N,K); toc assert(strcmp(NK,num2str(nchoosek(N,K))))

ans = 5 Elapsed time is 0.001455 seconds.

3   Pass
%% tic N=100; K=50; NK=nchoosekJava(N,K); toc assert(strcmp(NK,'100891344545564193334812497256'))

ans = 100891344545564193334812497256 Elapsed time is 0.025494 seconds.

4   Pass
%% tic N=200; K=75; NK=nchoosekJava(N,K); toc assert(strcmp(NK,'168849997346404286704489530268603459022868706883102845056'))

ans = 168849997346404286704489530268603459022868706883102845056 Elapsed time is 0.046291 seconds.

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