Problem 1995. Loading/Expanding a ZIP file from File Exchange

Solution 1711973

Submitted on 21 Jan 2019
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Fail
url_link=''; load_file(url_link); z=dir; valid=0; for k=1:size(z,1) if strcmp(z(k).name,'Knots_sample.mat') valid=1; break; end end assert(valid==1); assert(z(k).bytes==58803)

Error using unzip (line 84) Invalid zip file "/tmp/tp7a2cf755_6827_4f86_82ac_6dc5d9a7f98f". Error in load_file (line 2) unzip(url_link); Error in Test1 (line 3) load_file(url_link);

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