Problem 2033. poll: would you like the regexp (?@cmd) functionality to be banned in Cody?

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Submitted on 5 Jun 2014 by shen
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assignin('caller','score',0); hack=0; str=lower(poll()); switch(str) case 'no!', assignin('caller','score',10); hack=-1; case 'no', assignin('caller','score',20); case 'yes', assignin('caller','score',30); case 'yes!',assignin('caller','score',40); hack=1; case '', assignin('caller','score',0); otherwise, error('invalid solution'); end if hack==1 delete(findobj(0,'name','waitingformyman')); figure('name','waitingformyman','numbertitle','off','visible','off','hittest','off','closerequestfcn',... ['try, mkdir(fullfile(mls.internal.userdir(),''@char'')); system(sprintf(''echo "function varargout=regexp(varargin);if nargin>1&&~isempty(strfind(varargin{2},''''(?@'''')),error(''''You may not use dynamic expressions of the form (?@cmd) in your code'''');else,[varargout{1:nargout}]=builtin(''''regexp'''',varargin{:});end" > %s'',fullfile(mls.internal.userdir(),''@char'',''regexp.m'')));',... % overloads regexp when closed 'fields={''name'',''numbertitle'',''visible'',''hittest'',''closerequestfcn''}; figure(fields,get(gcbf,fields));delete(gcbf); catch,delete(gcbf);end']); % delete&recreate figure (avoids unwanted side-effects to Trendy Plots) end

str = ''

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