How to Participate

Complete each of the following tasks to see how the MATLAB Central Community can help you become a better MATLAB and Simulink programmer.

You will need MATLAB to complete the treasure hunt. Also, take as long as you like! MATLAB Central saves your progress.

A MATLAB Central Treasure Hunt Finisher badge when you complete all tasks

A chance to win a MathWorks T-shirt

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Find out how MATLAB Central can help you!

Take a tour of MATLAB Central, a community of over 384 thousand users who help each other out by sharing their code, knowledge and experience. Complete 8 short tasks to win a virtual badge and be automatically entered into a MathWorks T-shirt giveaway.

  • Learn to:
    • Get answers to your questions from community experts
    • Find MathWorks-authored solutions to common problems
    • Challenge your coding skills with practice problems
    • Download and run free MATLAB and Simulink code
    • and much more!