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Visually select a single image from an array of images in a directory.

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Updated 01 Sep 2016

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[img, map, alpha, filename, pathname, allFileNames] = uiselectim('start_path');

Provides functionality for visually selecting a single image from an array of images. All images must be in a common directory. Calls uigetfile with the multi-select option enabled, allowing the user to select any number of images. The layout tool will automatically display images in a subplot array. If you single-click an image, a background patch is highlighted to show the selection. Double-clicking (or selecting the "Okay" button) finalizes the selection, and returns the selected image (and map and alpha value, where appropriate), the filename, and the pathname.

start_path (optional): start_path specifies the directory to display when the dialog is first opened. If start_path is a string representing a valid directory path, the dialog box opens in the specified directory. If start_path is an empty string ('') or is not provided, the dialog box opens in the current working directory.

Output arguments 1--3 map to the output arguments of IMREAD. Note that MAP and ALPHA may be empty. FILENAME and PATHNAME, not surprisingly, return the filename and pathname of the selected image. ALLFILENAMES returns a (sorted) list of the names of all images selected for display in UISELECTIM. (See help for IMREAD for additional information about the first three output arguments.)

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Very nice utility

Alex Leung

Great GUI to select an image!


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