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Fancy splash screen for compiled .exe GUIs

version (203 KB) by William Thielicke
Displays your splash screen while loading your compiled GUI


Updated 18 Aug 2008

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Now you can display a fancy, real splash screen instead of the boring command window while your compiled GUI is starting up. You can modify the appearance of the splash screen easily by exchanging a bitmap file.
You have to add one single line of code in your GUI .m file before compiling it:

function MyNiceGUI_OpeningFcn(hObject, eventdata, handles, varargin)

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William Thielicke (2021). Fancy splash screen for compiled .exe GUIs (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (23)

Mauricio Ibarbe

Useless. Your name displays in the splash screen. There's no way to get rid of it.

Rajkumar Janakiraman

Splash screen is working,it would be great if name and email not shown in screen

Mathew Thomas

Great Work !!!

William Thielicke

Hi Søren, yes that would be possible, just email me at
w . t h (at) g m x . d e
and I'll see what I can do.
(leave out any spaces)

Soren Preus

Very nice and useful application that works fine on my Win XP 32-bit.

Would it be possible not to show your name and email on the splash screen?

Rodrigo Amaral

Hello William Thielicke!
Thank you for this great contribution.

The only problem I have is that
the program searches the bitmap on the current path. So it doesn't well when trying to running the EXE without changing the current path.

(To understand it better, try to open the windows command window and enter the complete address of the EXE)

It would be nice if you could change the code to search for the bitmap file on the same directory where the EXE actually is (ApplicationPath or something like that...)

William Thielicke

I think it will. The splash screen is just starting the Matlab compiled exe and hides the command window while displaying a bitmap at the same time.


Will this work with R2009b compiled applications?

Andre Asfar

Nice!! :)


Excellent app ! Is there anyway to use bigger pictures and modify the text displayed on the image ? (I'd like to use it in a French app)
Anyway thanks for this little program !

Sven Gerich

Very nice tool!
I think, it will be very handy for some of my applications :)

Alexander Kosenkov

Do you have any plans to publish the source code?
I would like to add Tip Of The Day into this window.

William Thielicke

I recommend to have a look at the documentation for your problem:
So you should recompile the Matlab GUI using YOUR deployment toolbox.

Alexander Kosenkov

This is NOT working in out-of-the-box Windows Vista, fails with error message and stops forever:

matgui.exe - Unable To Locate Component
This application has failed to start because mclmcrrt78.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

.NET, Matlab and MCR were installed.

William Thielicke

Images bigger than 320x160 can be implemented. If you have special wishes, contact me, and I'll see what I can do.
The splash screen should work with any version of the compiler, since it is completely independent of matlab.


Olivier Francois

I've missed my commentary...

Very great contribution.
It works fine with GUIs compiled with 2008b (compiler v79).
The file matgui.exe might not work as with newer version of the compiler it is given with mclmcrrt79 instead of mclmcrrt78 (so that file is then missing to launch matgui).

Fortunately, the splash screen doesn't care about that ;)

Would you consider supporting bitmaps bigger than 320x160 ?

Thanks for this contribution.

Olivier Francois


William Thielicke

The splash screen is programmed in VB.NET, hence I could also choose one color within the image as a "transparency key", making the splash screen transparent. But since I do not get comments or any ratings on my contribution I suppose that noone uses it anyway.


oh thats unfortunate. i tried my own version using imread (to support other more useful formats than bmp) but when i load an image with transparent background the latter is replaced with a black background.

William Thielicke

You can only use bmp's as splash screen, and bmp's don't support transparency as far as I know.


looks good. can it be used to display images with transparent backgrounds?

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