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Jeweler's Loupe

versión (2.53 KB) por Daniel Sternberg
A Jeweler's Loupe tool that provides a magnified view of a plot.

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Actualizada 1 Sep 2016

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JEWELERSLOUPE modifies a figure to enable a Jeweler's Loupe tool.
JEWELERSLOUPE(FIG) will modify the figure with handle FIG to allow a
jeweler's loupe tool, which magnifies the axes by a factor of 4, to
appear whenever a user clicks on an axes. Dragging will cause the loupe
to follow the cursor. The tool assumes that any axes clicked will be a
linear 2-D axes. Performance will degrade as the amount of data in the
axes increates. If no figure is given, the loupe will appear in the
current figure.

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Daniel Sternberg (2022). Jeweler's Loupe (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperado .

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Se creó con R14
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