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Symbolic Matrix

version (2.03 KB) by Zachary Danziger
Creates a matrix composed of properly indexed symbolic elements.


Updated 21 Nov 2013

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A matrix of symbolic elements is reasonably useful for many analytic linear algebra applications, and for analytic vector, matrix and tensor differentiation.

This function produces a matrix of arbitrary dimension of symbolic elements that are indexed by their position in the symbolic matrix for ease of reference.

>> M = symMat([2 2],'m','real')
M =
[ m11, m12]
[ m21, m22]
>> class(M)
ans =
>> det(M)
ans =
m11*m22 - m12*m21

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Zachary Danziger (2021). Symbolic Matrix (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Tyler Hoffman

I believe this functionality already exists in MATLAB. If you could modify the code to allow a matrix of symbolic functions, then I would give this 5 stars.

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Created with R2009a
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