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Demo files for "Parallel Computing with MATLAB" Webinar

version (137 KB) by jiro
Demo files for "Parallel Computing with MATLAB" Webinar (Nov 20, 2013)


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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There were 3 main examples shown in this Webinar:
* Optimization of phone tower placement using built-in parallel capability in Optimization Toolbox
* Parameter sweep study of an ODE using a parallel FOR loop
* Solving 2nd order wave equation using CPU and GPU
You can find the recording of the Webinar here:

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jiro (2020). Demo files for "Parallel Computing with MATLAB" Webinar (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Jose Sanchez

It has errors in Matlab 2017a (apart from matlab pool and parpool difference) and the toolbox version is not compatible with the webinar at least for the cell tower GUI problem. Anyway it can be somehow useful for more advanced programmers that can review the code.

Philippe Lebel

I had to comment out these two lines

% uxx = parallel.gpu.GPUArray.zeros(N+1,N+1);
% uyy = parallel.gpu.GPUArray.zeros(N+1,N+1);

and replace them with:


to make the function "vvg = WaveEqn_GPU(h,h2,hObject,hText,N,maxIter)" work.

MATLAB Version: (R2016a)

Karl Nyberg

Webinar link is still broken... :-(


The link to webinar does not work

Krzysztof Lakomiec



Updated license

Updated Webinar link.

Added link to the recorded Webinar.

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