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High Speed ADC Models

version (140 KB) by Dick Benson
Interleaved, Successive Approximation, and Pipelined Sub-Ranging ADC models.


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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These models are typical of the architectures used for high speed analog to digital converters.

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Hello, Can we configure these or any of these models with any resolution?

YongJun Jo

Thanks for sharing! I have some of questions.

1. What is the criterion of passband edge frequency of filter?
2. Any references of modeling of non linearity?

Nader Fathy

To change initial values of simulink parameters (Fs, A1, NBits, ... etc.):
1) In the Simulink Editor, open the Property Inspector. Select View > Property Inspector.
2) With no selection at the top level of your model, in the Properties tab, in the Callbacks section, select the callback you want to set.
3) In the box, enter the functions you want the callback to perform.


who can tell me how to set the init value of the variables such as Fs,A1,Nbits ,C,ADC_clock and so on


Thanks for your sharing!

Zeph Cheung


Respected Sir can you please add the SINAD measurement block ad update the model of sar adcmodel with split array capacitive find SNR THD SNR.Please help me sir.


Thank you so much for the post sir.Can you please give reference material link for 12bit split array sar adc in your model and technic you used.

with regards,


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